Project Update

Planning Application

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) was submitted to West Lothian Council on 27th September 2022 to start the important process of engaging with the local community.  This was followed by a community consultation event at Newton Community Centre on Wednesday 10th November 2022.

A planning application was submitted to West Lothian Council at the end of 2023, which was approved by the Development Management Committee on 20th March 2024.


Feedback from Public Consultation

During the public consultation and subsequent discussions with local residents, feedback was received regarding several key points.  This has been used to amend the site design and has informed the updated plans shown on this page.  In particular:

  • Proximity of the proposed development to residential housing at Totleywells.  The site boundary has been amended to increase the stand-off distance from residential housing in proximity to the proposed solar site.
  • Potential impacts to local footpaths.  The land around Newton is used extensively for walking, so the proposed design has been amended to retain access to all existing footpaths and the site boundary set-back from the field edge to create access corridors.  In particular, the footpath connecting Newton with Totleywells will remain outside the proposed site boundary
  • Construction traffic access.  The proposed construction traffic entrance has been moved from Totleywells lane to the Winchburgh Road (B8020).
  • Substation and Battery Compound.  the proposed location for infrastructure has been moved from the south of the site, adjacent to Totleywells to the west of the site, just off the Winchburgh Road.



Revised Site Boundary

Revised Site Layout